UAE residents to get 1-year visa extension for their Children

The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality announced that it has started issuing a one-year residency visa extension the dependents after completing their university or secondary studies and reaching the age of 18.
The Authority said: “The issuance of residence for members of the community is taking effect from the date of graduation of the sponsored son from the university or obtaining the general secondary school certificate and the legal age, within the framework of the system of integrated visas and residence in the State approved by the Council of Ministers in the summer of the year the past”.

All families residing in the country with children who fall within this category can benefit from this decision easily by submitting their applications accompanied by supporting documents, which include the general secondary school certificate or graduation certificate or the information from the university where the son studied, Whether inside or outside the country, are duly certified for those who completed their secondary or university studies. ”


He explained that the guardian no longer needed to apply for his son under the humanitarian cases, which previously required the deposit of a security guarantee of AED 5 thousand, now he can apply under the normal procedures for the issuance of residence or renewal of children and a fee of 100 dirhams for a year As well as for the renewal of another year.

Al Rashedi stressed the keenness of the Authority to contribute to the realization of the vision of good leadership in the happiness of the UAE society and everyone who lives on its land as a citizen, resident or visitor, and to make it an oasis of family stability and social welfare and facilitate the students and their families.
In addition to providing graduates with the opportunity to study their future practical options and contribute to the process of renaissance and progress witnessed by the State in various fields.
He pointed out that the activation of this service contributes to strengthening the approach of the UAE and its orientation towards openness and attract talent on the one hand and to enhance the reputation of the state and the distinguished record of the humanitarian field, on the other hand


Al-Rashedi stressed the keenness of the Authority to educate all families residing in the UAE on this service and the ways and means of benefiting from it through various means and methods available especially at the end of the school year in the country. Which requires facilitating these families and enabling them to search for suitable options for their children, whether in the field of study or work.


He added: “The TRA will spare no effort to educate its clients about all its services, initiatives and means of access to them, whether through the visual and audiovisual media, or through electronic media and modern applications, as well as their own communication channels, including the call center on 80080 and its website and its pages on social networking sites.
Al-Rashidi called upon parents residing in the country to take advantage of these unprecedented facilities in this area and to initiate applications for renewal of residency or sponsorship of their children through a review of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs and its affiliated centers, which provide services during the official working days.

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