Family Residence Visa Procedure Dubai, UAE

How to Apply For UAE Family Visa Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah, It is most Desire of expatriates for bringing their family in Dubai UAE or other emirates if they meet the condition of Salary and accommodation. Those having professional skill levels of 1 or 2 with good salary as well as accommodation in UAE they bring their family in UAE on residence visa. Expatriates having high salary can be able to survive in UAE but those having less salary might send their family back after few time so it is better to think before bringing you family here UAE weather you meet all needs or not.

Entrance in UAE or Dubai:

First thing you have to do before applying for UAE family visa is to apply for UAE entry permit visa for you family person. After entrance in UAE or Dubai you as  a sponsor must have to complete all procedures related to family visa in 30 days. In case if the family isn’t able to enter in UAE within 60 days or entry permit visa expires after 30 days sponsor need to renew Entry permit by giving fee of 360 Dirham including other typing fees. The Renewal is only allowed for 2 times. The procedure which need to be completed by applicant(sponsor) are emirates ID, Medical Certificates and visa stamping fro GDRFA.

If Family is already in UAE:

If the family of sponsor is inside UAE on Visit Visa, Tourist Visa or even on Cancelled Visa, AED 1,030 application fee with typing charges needs to be paid for changing of status of visa to residence. Which needs a separate Procedure for status which I discuss in any other article.

Procedure of Family Visa:

Documents Required:

The below document are required to attach with visa application you could get an application from typing centers.

  1. Passport copies of members of the family for whom you want to apply visa(Wife, Children)
  2. 3 photograph for each person
  3. Applicant(Sponsor/Parents) original Passport and Emirates ID card.
  4. Marriage certificate attested from UAE embassy in Native Country and MEA in UAE.
  5. Original Birth Certificate attested from UAE embassy in Native Country and MEA in UAE.
  6. Medical Health Certificate Report from DHA Authorized Centers for spouse or children over 15 years of age.
  7. Ejari Tenancy Contract and Electricity Bill. In case you live outside of Dubai than ejary and electricity bill must be attested from the respective municipality.
  8. Get print of labor contract from Tasheel center after payment of DH53. They required your passport copy.
  9. For Semi Government/government/free zone must have to submit salary certificate.
  10. 3 months bank statement printed by bank.
  11. IBAN number of applicant(sponsor)
  12. Confirmation letter ARABIC  which proves that your daughter if 18 year old is not married to anyone.

Previously applicant must have to go to immigration office but now you visit any authorized typing center to complete all the steps.

Fee and requirements:

Visa Fee for each person is Dh 310

File opening Charges Dh 210

Dh 53 for labor contract

Typing Fee 50AED

Applicant(sponsor) must have a minimum salary of Dh 3000

Accommodation(housing) having total rent of 4000Dh

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For Bangladeshi There is a restriction on Family/Employment/Visit/Tourist visa for Bangladeshi nationals.

GAMCA Medical Certificate from Home Country: Nationalities of SRI LANKAN, INDONESIAN, ETHIOPIAN need a medical certificate from the native country.

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