List of the most important emergency numbers in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development published a list of the most important emergency numbers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, noting that in the event of an emergency such as a car accident or a critical medical condition, contact the concerned party and provide the paramedics with clear information such as the nature and location of the accident.
The Department called upon residents of Abu Dhabi to follow the instructions provided by the competent authority when contacting them while trying to remain calm, noting that the caller can provide assistance to persons in emergency situations within the framework of his specialization, knowledge, and ability.

The Department explained that the emergency service to the owners of the concern enables the owners of the task of sending a text message to 5999 and report an incident or anything that would disturb the security and public order, and owners can be involved in reporting an incident or need assistance by sending an SMS containing information about the type of incident And the place with the name and phone number that the police can call.

The most important emergency numbers in Abu Dhabi identified by the Department included 17 destinations.

Entity concerned / state of emergency Telephone numbers

1 police 999

2 ambulance 998

3 air ambulance services 999

4 Fire and Rescue 997

5 maritime accidents 996

6 Electricity Emergency – Abu Dhabi 991

7 emergency water – Abu Dhabi 992

8 emergency water and electricity – Al Ain 9008 800

9 Emergency and Crisis Municipality of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra Office 993

10 emergency weather and earthquakes 7776 2 666 971+

11 Department of Consumer Protection 800 555

12 transport regulation center by taxi 535.3536 million

13 Abu Dhabi International Airport 5555 5052 +971

14 emergency services to the owners of determination 5999

15 Hotline for Child Protection 116 111

16 shelters for women and children center 7283 800

17 Operating room of the Department of Health to report the occurrence of natural death in Abu Dhabi, or in case of death of a citizen outside the State
+971 2 504 8500 + 971 2 419 3666

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