Dh50,000 Fine for employing worker on Visit Visa MoHRE

Those who are currently on the hunt for finding a job on a visit is warned by MoHRE, if they got caught they can face lifetime from entering the UAE and instantly deported from UAE.

Also it has been asked jobseeker to not fall prey to the big promises made by employers and companies in Dubai as they can abuse visit visa holders because they cannot fall within labor laws of UAE.

Many employers ask seeker for Money in order to give them employment visa but usually, it will not happen they take the money and walk away. Jobseekers cannot be able to tell and complaint to authorities as they are on visit visa, not employment or work visa

Though the law clearly states that people residing in the UAE on a visit visa are prohibited from working and that companies are prohibited from employing such people, the trend is rife.

What the law says

Article 11 of the Federal Law No. 6 for 1973 concerning immigration and residence clearly states that “the alien who obtains a visit visa may not work anywhere in the country with or without pay or for his own”.

Additionally, by virtue of Federal Decree-Law No 7 for 2007, “a fine of Dh50,000 per worker has been prescribed, in the event the MoHRE finds any employer employing an individual on a visit visa”. If the offence is repeated, the fine amount is doubled.

Expatriate employers violating the law will be deported and banned for life from entering the UAE. And for UAE nationals, a six-month prison term will be handed down. Despite this,  all it takes is a scroll online to see numerous job listings that specifically put a call-out for applicants on visit visas.


Source: Khaleej Times

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  1. Dear Sir,
    make Labour Police
    when we make a complain against a company the mohre police come at same time to take action.not some time its its every time when we decide to go for complain we know.company owner have power he can finish my visa cancel me and send me to my country.but when u make a police like real police when e come and give fine on the spot and arrest the owner and seal the shop when e have afraid .owner will not do wrong with their employ. today i know fron towjee labour allowed only 8 hours but my company take work 12 to 14 hours pr day with out over time with with out leave because he has no fair he is doing from 5 years. we have not allowed to take leave on Thursday friend Saturday in two years .he also not give ticket on one year leave .no bouns. give salary after 2 month on 3rd month only 1.we all said we are in jail in dubai.we cant complain he have fair may our job can finish. where is gov of dubai.u r beautiful only on out side.u don’t know thats going bad with people in your country with out any fair.you should give heavy fine to this person that he is doing this from 5years .plz make it secret thanks

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