Working on Husband Visa in UAE Labour Laws

In Each Emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Spouse visa can be obtained to sponsor husband or wife. There are several rules regarding this visa, one of the major question is if I am allowed to work on my spousal visa or not.

Well sponsoring someone does not mean that he/she is allowed to work as a normal employee. The sponsored person must need a valid work permit from employer to start doing any job or work.

As per latest 2017 laws UAE labour ministry permits spouse to work even without permit but he/she need a written authorization letter from his Husband or wife after which he/she can show to any company where he/she want to secure the job. There no need to get employer sponsorship as in this case you spouse is your sponsor.

In Past only professional or highly skill spouse were allowed to secure job but still they need to apply for work permit.


  1. First you need to secure an interview with any company with UAE or in emirate where residing.
  2. After getting the job clearly tell them that you are on sponsorship of your spouse and present the authorization letter.
  3. Now if employer agrees he will apply for labour card which is valid for 1 year and can be renewed after each year.
  4. Make sure you must have valid resident visa of UAE.


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