Where to Buy New Hafilat Smart Card?

Many Abu Dhabi Visitors and Expats asked us for addresses of sale points of Hafilat Smart Card, actually the card can also be bought from Vending/Recharge Machines installed throughout Abu Dhabi Bus Stations. Buy card from Machines installed at Shopping Malls, Bus stations, Bus Shelter(Specific), Sales Points.

Buying from Ticket Offices:

There are ticket officies in all major Bus Stations and they provide wide range of services Such as

  • Selling of Hafilat Cards
  • Hafilat Addons
  • Modifying personal data of Smart Cards
  • Card Replacement if damage or lost
  • Obtaining card Information

Ticket Office Machines(Vending Machines)

These Machines can be found in all main bus stations and some waiting area at bus stops, in shopping malls and airports.

These Machines issue only temporary and Permanent Hafilat Cards.

It can also recharge the card and give buss passes within city travelers. For Payment you can use coins and bank notes and you can also retrieve change if any.

The swift Recharge machines and Fare collection Machines cannot issues card.

You can find Bus Ticket Machines one near Al Fala plaza on Muroor road, one near Madinat Zayed mall

Zoom in to Map for more Bus Stations Close Up

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