Visit/Tourist Visa Overstay Fine in Dubai UAE

Tourist Visa/Visit Visa is most commonly used Visa to enter in UAE Emirates like Dubai. The Visit Types in Dubai is same but differ in Duration The short term Visit Visa of Dubai is 30 days for which Dh 350 fee to be paid with typing charges, long term visit visa have duration of 90 days have fee of Dh 750 both visas are provided with health insurance. The above fee were for Dubai Only but if you entered in Sharjah through visit visa the fee for short term is Dh250 for normal application while 350 for urgent and long term visa fee is Dh 600 normal application while 700 for urgent.

For those who want to bring their family on Visit Visa could be able to apply for 90 days visit visa for  Spouse, Children, Parents, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law. Dh1000 fee it is refundable after the visitor’s exit.
For all other relations Dh2000 to be deposited.

How Much Visit Visa Overstay Fine in UAE:

The above is just overview of Visit Visas of UAE now the Question is  How much is the fine if I overstayed on Visit/Tourist Visa?
These are the Fines for Visit visa/Tourist Visa over stay.
Dh200 for the first day and Dh100 for each consecutive day. This fine to be paid at Immigration or at the airport when the Visitor exits

What if you Overstayed for a long time due to any reason?

If you overstayed on visit visa and fine is more than your premises than you could apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and get the matter to a court. Where you have to give solid reasons with proofs to ensure the why you overstayed. The court may decide to reduce the penalties or may be don’t put anything to you and ask you to exit from UAE.


  1. Hi My brother is overstayed since feb 2016. He opened his LLC company but not able to get his residency as he is overstay on his visit. Some people misguided him and he couldn’t get his visa stamped on time. His fine is 66000 AED. please advice how to get fine reduced so that he can become legal in dubai. Request you to answer as soon as possible Thanks

  2. My son is 2yrs old and he is over stay start on october until now of november, because i apply his residence visa under mother sponsor but the application is still not approved, and that is the reason he over stay. and we dont want him to go home our country. his visit visa is in sharja, and we dont have enough money to pay his total of over stay. now we want to plan to change his sponsorship to his father. but we need to clear his over stay. and how can i do that if we dont have enough money for that. what can we do for a good way? thank you

  3. My girlfriend is stuck in Dubai because of Overstay Charges equalling $5,000.00. We don’t have the money to pay this fine right now. Is there anyway that she can be released to come to the United States and make payments on the Fine. She has had complications with her financing and her funds were stolen. Please help her get home.


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