UAE Validity of Driving License for Expatriates

Recently UAE announces new set of amendments in driving license and traffic rules, one of the major update of these change in 2017 is decrement of renewal duration of UAE driving license for expats.

Expatriate applied for new driving license will get two year driving license after than these license will be renewed for 5 years. Expatriates will only renew driving license for 5 years if they already done that previously. These new measure will come in to action from July 2017.

Under the new amendments expatriates who possess Emirates driving license can renew driving license every 5 years while citizen of UAE can renew their driving license after every 10th year of validity.

Previously expatriates were allowed to renew their driving license for 10 year but it will changed from the month of july while renewal duration already 10 years for emirates citizens.

The new rules will not affect existing driving licenses as these rules will have no retroactive force on commitments that existed, before the enactment of the law, Gulf News reported citing legal experts.

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The implementations were made in  Regulations of the Federal Law for the year 1995 of Traffic Laws, by  Ministerial Decree from Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior issued Ministerial Decree for the year 2017 amending the Implementing Regulations of the Federal Law for the year 1995 regarding traffic laws.

Fasten Seat Belt for KIDS:

Another major rules for those driving with kids, if the child aged 10 or more sitting in fornt seat of vehicle than it is duty of driver to fasten his seat belt.

In UAE Dh 400 fine is for those who violats the seat belt law according to new rules, must bulked up your seat belts.

Tricycles, Quad bikes, Motor Bikes License:

According to the new requirement every driver of motor bike, electric scooters, tricycles and quad bikes not allowed to drive unless they have permit or license from authorities. It is popular practice in UAE of driving different types of bike in the desert.

Speed limit is set at 40 km/hr for driving in residential/housing areas. Warning will also given to those who use Horn in area were it is not allowed as well as those who disturbed pedestrians.



  1. I get a license last 2009 but they give me automatic license instead a manual license. I passed a manual license in belhasa driving center but I don’t know my license is automatic, when the police catch me in al khaleej al Arabi in Abu Dhabi the police told me licence and registration. Then when he saw my license that time I shock when he told me my license is automatic, but I told him how is possible I passed a manual driving .it is possible during renewal of my license I can change a manual license .Thanks…

    • Well if you have any receipt or document that you passed manual driving..Than give your license at traffic department for correction and tell than you passed manual so make me a manual license

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