UAE Population by Nationality 2018

In case of all gulf countries the population of expatriates is considerably more than that of their own citizens, In UAE the expat arriving each day from the different countries since the Oil boom in UAE. Everyone here don’t know look same we see and hear different people the spoke other language. If you walk on busy street you might hear a strange voices and didn’t even recognized the language.

Here we look the Population Statistics  in the UAE in year 2018 nationality wise.

Country wise – 2018 – UAE Population by Nationality

The census is based on the year 2016 through which it is determine that more than 50% population of UAE consists of South Asians. Indians, 2.6 million, Pakistani: 1.2 Million, UAE Citizens: 1Million.

India 2600000
Pakistan 1200000
UAE 1084764
Bangladesh 700000
Philippines 525530
Iran 4,50,000
Egypt 400000
Nepal 300000
Sri Lanka 300000
China 200000
All other countries 1696334
Total UAE Population 9456628

More than 50% of people come from South Asia

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  1. “Recently a similar stats was published by Global Media Insight (an SEO comany in Dubai). This population stats of UAE for the 2018 states 27.49% of UAE population is expats from India. It also confirms that the total expatriate population of UAE in 2018 is 88.525% of total. Only 11.48% of population in UAE is actual UAE nationals. This stats with detailed infographics has some other interesting population data aswell..
    find the link to this stats here (”

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