UAE-Oman Hatta Border crossing by Bus

A popular Saying is Enjoy two things in One ticket, Same apply for Dubai Oman Border Crossing, many tourist visiting Dubai UAE can enjoy the hiking in beautiful Wadis of Oman or set up the desert camp near the largest Sand Dune in Arabian Desert. To do this you need to cross the border, there are separate rules for non-resident expatriates and for GCC Residents. Well we i’ll see how a traveler can take bus and than enter in to the Sultanate of Oman.

Taking Ticket at Oman National Transport Company in Dubai:

You may find other transport operator but it is best to choose the Oman’s own national transport company Bus also called MAWASALAT.

Mwasalat Dubai Sale Office opens at 10am closed on Fridays.

Per individual ticket price is 55AED while three buses depart everyday to Oman there timings are 7.30am, 3.30pm and 11pm.

First visit the sale point, pay and book your ticket, catch the bus at least 35 minutes before departure.

In case of Your Own CAR:

You can hire driver and rent-a-car from Rental Company they can take care of all things. But in case you want to driver yourself you need.

Driving license, can also carry international driving license

Car registration called Mulkiya in UAE,

Car insurance card. It can also bought from Border shops.

Must keep one pen with yourself

Also Keep in Mind Expats are not allowed to take Direct E44 route, they need to

Turn left at the Al Madam roundabout and run on the E55 heading to Al Malaiha. Turn into the Sharjah/Kalba road (signpost – Shawka). Turn right towards Hatta onto the E44 after around 25-30 kilometres, thereby avoiding Omani territory and moving on to the Al Wajajah border post.


It will take almost 2 and half hours to reach at your first point, at here you need to get exit receipt but pay exit fee of 35 AED.

Get back on the bus after few minutes the bus again stops at second point here UAE immigration stamp the passport with exit stamp after seeing exit receipt.


Here the long process will start, at Oman the first point is to meet up with Omani Customs Police, the will check you thoroughly ladies and gents police check each gender separately. And a Dog will also smells the luggage for any type of drug related thing.

Once all formalities will come in to end, get into the bus and load the luggage.

After than bus again stops at second point where Omani Immigration department stamps entry on your passport, there are separate visa rules for those who travel from Dubai Emirate due to  Common Visa Facility (CVF) Agreement. If you have visa of UAE having stamp and sticker on it having UDB number than you might get 3 month tourist visa of Oman otherwise if you have only UAE stamp than you will get 1 month tourist visa.

Expatriates having UAE visa can also obtain visa-on-arrival at oman.

They take 20 Omani Riyal for 1 month tourist visa. Almost 190Dirham

Keep in Mind Only these 65 countries are allowed to obtain Oman Visa On Arrival at border.

Buraimi Border Crossing:

There is restrictions on Al Ain(HILI) – Buraimi Border crossing from UAE, only UAE residents can cross this border, GCC residents(Citizens of GCC) may also allowed from this crossing(not confirmed). Expatriates are not allowed to cross this border. Only expats truck drivers can cross.

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