UAE Official Public Holidays 2018

Each Worker in UAE(Private/Public) entitled for Specific Holidays according to Article 74 of UAE labour laws for Private employees. The holidays in UAE are in accordance with Islamic Events and Festivals. The Holidays of New year Gregorian and National Day of UAE are two only official holidays that are not included in Islam.

All Holidays are Paid, employer must have to give leave on that days with full payment. In case employer has work which is so important than according to Article 81 of UAE labour laws workers shall be granted substitute leave in respect of such days, plus 50 per cent of his wage. If he is not granted substitute leave, his employer shall pay him 150 per cent of his basic wage in respect of the days worked.

According to Article 74 Each worker shall be entitled to leave with full pay on the following occasions:

1. New Year’s Day (Higra): one day.
2. New Year’s Day (Gregorian): one day.
3. Lesser Bairam(EID UL FITR): two days.
4. Greater Bairam*EID UL ADHA) and Eve: three days.
5. Birthday of Prophet Mohammed: one day.
6. Al Isra and Al Mi’raj: one day;
7. National Day: one day.

Date Day No. of Days Holiday
1 January 2018 Monday 1 New Year’s Day
13 April 2018 Friday 1 The Prophet’s Ascension/ Isra’a Wal Mi’raj
14 June – 16 June 2018 Monday 2 Eid Al Fitr
20  August 2018 Monday 1 Arafat Day
21 August 2018 Tuesday 3 Eid Al Adha
11 September 2018 Tuesday 1 Islamic New Year
30 November Thursday 1 only for gov workers Martyr’s Day UAE
20 November Tuesday 1 The Prophet’s Birthday
2 December Saturday 1 UAE National Day

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