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UAE Labour Laws: Resignation under Limited Contract

For any reason if employee is want to Quit from job in UAE he/she submit a resignation application to his/her sponsor or company. As resignation is different thing for limited period contract from unlimited period contract. It is good to discuss their aspects separately the following things must be consider while giving resignation. The most common resignation problem is calculation of end of service benefits or Gratuity, below we also address this problem. Resignation rules were governed by ministry of labour UAE same as gratuity calculation is also handled by MOL, Uae.

Let go through some of the terms so that you understand when was it is better to resign from you job in uae:

Resignation Without informing Sponsor/Company

Previously if you run from your job without informing sponsor its means that you flea breaking limited contract and you will automatically enters in the ban list for 6 month but as this law was change to make strong relation between both sponsor and employer So, it is good to check out this new labour Ban law started from 2016. For those who holds universities degrees and having skill level defined by MOL as 1,2 or 3 they will resign before completing 6 months period.

Then when I resign from my Job on Limited Contract:

As per new rules any worker now easily terminate their contract just by completing six months of job period but its not mean that you don’t inform sponsor and flea all this must happens after mutual understanding of both parties. Also while making contract both worker and employer have to make a fixed date when worker have permission to terminate the contract. Also you must have to tell the sponsor 1 month in advance that you want to terminate the contract.

Change of Job:

The labour laws about changing jobs were also amended. The complex procedure of old laws now over any employee who want to change job first resign from current job but must have to complete service of 6 months. To see what is included in new labour laws about changing of job. Read the whole laws for Granting of New Work Permit in UAE.

What is the Maximum term for limited contract:

Anyone on limited contract is now given maximum 2 years of work duration after that worker contract will automatically terminated.

How much Gratuity will be given to Worker:

As per Gratuity rule termination of limited contract before 1 year than no Gratuity will be given to employee. Also if you worked more than one year must give an eye in our Gratuity Calculation Guide in UAE.

NOC letter If you are switching Job

If worker get any other job and want to resign from current job than NOC letter as pre-request is not required.

Finally worker or labour are given certain right for their protection for example in case of non payment of wages worker could terminate the contract but most of worker really afraid to do as sponsors are always on strong side instead of facing legal punishments sponsor put all of his faults on workers and worker have to face many leagal problem and at the end labour ban.

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