UAE Dubai Residence Visa Procedure and Details

Residence Visa for Expatriates living in Dubai Abu Dhabi or any other emirates of UAE. Residence Visa or Permanent Resident Visa of Dubai is given to those who want to reside within UAE without this Visa not any expat is allowed to live in UAE dubai or any other emirates. Only GCC Nationalists was allowed to enter in UAE without applying for Residence. In normal Sponsor or Company is responsible for giving his employee a resident visa, labour card, work permit or Emirates ID employee don’t need to worry about it but in some cases especially during family residence Visa you need to know all the process of Residence visa UAE.

UAE Residence Visa necessary for opening Bank account in Dubai, driving licence, car registration and renewal, po box no and many more thing for which you need valid UAE residence visa.

There are several different types of resident visa such as family visa, maid residence visas, property Residence visa, Relative residence visa, Student residence visas. In This article I’ll explain general type of Residence visa for any individual.

Passport Validity for application of residence Visa:

In most of the countries your passport is must be valid for at least six months many other countries allows to enter in their country with less than 6 months validity. In UAE Visa holder passport is must be at least 3 months valid before expiry to enter in to any emirate of UAE, but the thing is confusing that when you exit from UAE you must have passport valid for six months otherwise you may stopped to travel at Airport.

But it is better to have passport with validity of 6 month as you still require to renew it if it expires but least limit is 3 months.

List/Types of Residence Visa:

Employee Residence Visa: Many number of Expats enters in UAE on this Visa usually all of the hassle of paperwork is done by sponsor but employee himself need to visit Hospital for medical test.

Family Visa: This is residency visa to sponsor husband or wife, and children.

Investor Visa: As its name suggest to get this visa you need to invest in UAE this for this you don’t need any job or property in UAE it is valid for 3 years.

Maid Visa: for sponsoring Maids

Property Residence Visa: a 3 year visa was part of the marketing for Dubai property sales to foreigners, and some visas were issued and sometime this scheme is ended.

Relatives Residence visa: This visa is issued for Parents, brothers, Sister This visa require a good reason and a special application.

Student Residence Visa: This visa is for students studying in university and colleges of UAE usually valid for 3 months.

Residence Visa Cancellation:

Cancellation could be done by your sponsor on your behave if you want to cancel youself visit immigration department from where your visa issued take you passport and present it to immigration department for cancellation they may take some 450 to 500 dhs as well as typing fee and cancel residence visa.

Also if you leave the UAE and didn’t come back for six months than you have to apply for new residence visa. You visa not cancel but become invalid.

Dubai Residence Visa Application Procedure:

  1. Person who want to enter in UAE on residence visa his sponsor applies for UAE entry permit . Those persons nationalists of GCC countries or Visa free countries they don’t need entry permit.
  2. After arriving in to Dubai or any other UAE emirates applicant of residence visa go trough several medical test in order to generate medical reports blood test and chest X-ray for HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis (TB), Leprosy, and Syphilis. See More About Medical Test in UAE Dubai and Abu dhabi
  3. Now both expat his sponsor or Company PRO visit residency department with expat passport, Medical test Reports, tenancy agreement (proof of expat residence in UAE), documents verifying relationship between sponsor and sponsor in case of marriage certificate for spouse. Any certificates should be notarised, attested, and rolled up with a nice ribbon around them.
  4. At residency department typing agents have application form pay the fee for filling attach all documents. Sometimes it take so much time try to ask instructions from persons around typing center. If applicant came with PRO/Sponsor than the process may become easy.
  5. Now you have to wait for few days usually they tell you how much time require but in case you give them number of UAE than you receive SMS for residence visa collection. On respective day when applicant visit residency department he see a nice stamp inside his Passport which is known as your Residency visa on which clear details about visa is written.


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