Salary Required To Sponsor Parents in UAE

DNRD set the limit for expats who want to sponsor their parents to bring them on residence visa, the salary limit is not an ordinary one, only high level professional, manager, executives can be able to achieve this salary mark in UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other emirates.

The salary limit to sponsor parent in UAE is 20,000 Dirham less than that limit can not be entertained by visa issuance authorities. According to Gulf News Report.

The new rules require expatriates to given evidence in the form of bank statement which applying for their parents visa. The minimum salary should be Dirham 20,000 or Dh 19,000 with two bedroom residence. These new rules scrapped the plans of many expatriates who want to bring their parent in UAE.

Many expatriates from underdeveloped countries don’t have such salaries only highly professional were able to bring their parents with them in UAE.

Old Rule of Salary limit is far better the new ones previously the minimum limit to bring Parents on residence visa is Dirham 10,000 and Dirham 9000 in case of good accommodation.

However those who don’t meet the salary requirement can contact DNRD humanitarian cell, which wil look at the case if anyone want to bring his parents due some emergency, medical or financial situation at their home country.

Dirham 2000 per parent must also be paid to special committee who were handing residence approval of parent in such cases. Also applicant should provide proof that their is not financial aid for his parent any one of them is totally dependent on him.


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