RERA Calculator to Check Rental Prices in Dubai

Dubai Land Department entity for Rental and tenancies is called RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Agency this agency regulates the rental market of Dubai and provide regulations for tenancy  contract between tenants and owners.

Rent prices are the major issue between every tenant and owner, to coup up with unfair rental prices RERA build an online Rent calculator that estimates the rental prices of your location hence it give you an idea how much you should pay to owner of apartment/flat.

RERA Online Rent Calculator:

  1. To get access to Dubai Rental Calculator Visit the official RERA Website:
  2. After opening the page first select Housing type Residential, Commercial. Industrial, Staff Accommodation.
  3. If you select residential: Than give the details about tenancy contract expiry, Main Area, Property Type, Area, Bed Rooms, and Current Rental Price at annual Rate.
  4. After entering details click on Calculate Rental Increase.
  5. It will give you average rental rates of selected area.

Currently there is an error in Tenanct Contract Expiry Date, Just don’t change the date and select current date otherwise it will not show any data.

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