Dubai House Maid Residence Visa Renewal Procedure:

House maids and nanny who work in UAE under sponsorship of UAE nationalist or expatriate must have to renew thier visa after every one year. These maid can only be hired by sponsor having good income and having facility to accommodate the maids. Also visa renewal requires higher amount of fee and all the visa responsibility is on Sponsor. Below we go through the procedure of Maid visa renewal under the sponsorship of expatriate.

Fine and Grace period: Maid visa and Emirates ID must be renewed within 30 days grace period after visa expiry. If exceeds the Grace period limit Dhs 25 per day for visa and dhs 20 per day for ID fine should be paid at typing center.

housemaid visa renewal procedure

Documents Required for Renewal:

Original Emirates ID and Passport of Maid

3 Latest Photos of Maid with white Background

Original Medical Certificate of Maid

Salary Certificate of Sponsor

Original Passport, Ejari Tenancy Contract(RERA), DEWA electricity bill sof Sponsor

Maid Job contract/labor contract with Salary written on it and approved

Consulate issued Non-Relation certificate in case of same nationality of sponsor and maid or if entry permit was typed in old form


MAID RESIDENCE VISA: renewal fee: 5360+2000=7360 DHS. In which 5080 for one year visa renewal  and 2030 deposit(refundable)

EMIRATES ID: Fee: Dh170 (for one year)

Typing Center fee: Dhs 220(typed) for urgent extra 100 will charged

Courier Fee: Dhs 20(NORMAL) Dhs 100(URGENT)

MEDICAL Certificate

Dhs 320 Normal (5 working days)

Dhs 430 (48 hours)

Dhs 530 (24 hours) – Typing charge extra

Deposit Fee ( Refundable):

As above shown sponsor have to pay deposit of 2000Dhs which refundable. Must make copy of visa form to refund this fee again at next year during maid visa renewal. Also save receipt of transaction. In case your maid is permanently going back to home country or transferring sponsor you will be able to refund this fee.

Procedure for Maid Visa Renewal:

1.Visit immigration offices branch of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

2. Go to typing center and submit all the necessary documents.

3. Maid’s labor contract will also be updated at typing center. They ask salary of maid to sponsor. Contract has to be signed by maid and sponsor.

4.Labor contract will also be updated and signed by sponsor and maid after that they give you three copies of updated labor contract and with visa form.

5.Now after successful submission you have to wait for approval or modification they send you notifaction through SMS.

6.For those who submit urgent application fee may get new visa before 5 days but they must have to visit immigration in order to collect visa. Those who applied for Normal submission may get new stamped visa after 5 days through courier those who give urgent courier fee may get visa faster.

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