Ramadan is not just a month of fasting for Muslims but a full fledged spiritual journey of 1 months, date of starting of Ramadan may be different in your country but in UAE it is expected to start on may 2018 and ends on june 2018, the date may change in according to Moon Sighting. UAE usually follow Saudi Arabia in term of date of ending and starting of Ramadan.

Ramadan Working Hours in UAE LAbour Laws:

In Ramadan Muslims fast for a whole day, to keep the work burden minimal UAE labour laws reduced 2 hours of working for every employee. For example if an employee working for 8 hours before ramadan, now in this holy month he can work for 6 hours.

There is no discrimination regarding Muslims and Non-Muslims both will working hours will be reduced.

According to Article 65 of labour laws Ramadan working hours should be reduced for both Muslims and non-Muslims. No discrimination is made for outdoor and indoor workers. There will be no deduction in salaries as well as regular break form 12 to 3 pm must be given to construction and laborers.

Ramadan Working Hours in Free Zones:

Free Zones areas were regulated under UAE labour laws but many companies follow UAE labour laws and gives same working hours as other area of UAE.
Ramadan working Laws in DIFC

Dubai International Financial Centre Employment law only gives reduced working hours for Muslims. According to DIFC employment Law in line 23 of part 4 allows Muslims not to work more than 6 hours each day.

Overtime and School Timings in UAE Labour Laws:

As per UAE labour laws in Ramadan employee should not work for more than 2 hours of overtime nor employer is allowed to give more than 2 hours of overtime to his employee. But in scenario if employee want to work more than 2 hours or he insists than he should be paid with 25 % of basic salary at day and 50 percent of his basic salary at night during the overtime hours. Night duty start from 9 PM to 6 PM.

School Timings: According to authorities and KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority -Dubai) school timing in UAE during Ramadan should not exceed more than 5 hours.

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