As a professional employee we always seeking towards the best jobs in market to boost up our career but In UAE the whole system is different due to strict labour laws. Labour Ban which is major fear for every employee before year 2016 is turned down after implementation of contract based labour system  in UAE from year 2016. Now anyone can change job in limited contract just by completing his contract, ones contract is ended employee is free to change job but still those who breaks the contract have to compensate the employer for remaining period of time, unless the reasons are those given in article 121 of uae labor laws.

While unlimited contract holders can terminate or resign the job at any time giving a notice prior to 30 days and than free to get a new job. Well unlimited contract holder too get in trouble in case of they were not professional skill holder for example sanitary worker in gov sector he cannot run away from job.

Article 2 of Ministerial order no (13) of 1991:

Well These Profession are allowed to terminate jobs and then get a new job without compensating employer or any labour ban:

Non-national laborers may be allowed to transfer one job to another and hence transfer of their sponsorship of they fall under the following categories:

1 Engineers Only Higher degree holder

2 Doctors

3 Agricultural guides

4 Professional accountants and account auditors

5 Professional administrative officials

6 Technicians operating on electronic equipment and laboratories

7 Drivers who are licensed to (HTV)drive heavy vehicles and buses,”

8  Pharmacists and male and female nurses

For example if you are a holding a Mechanical Engineer degree and want working in company for 1 and half year with engineer visa you can change job without hesitating of Labour ban or fearing of compensating employer.

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