Procedure of Parents Residence Visa of UAE in Dubai

Parents can now be Sponsored by his children living in Dubai after fulfilling some requirement Recently UAE Announced that expatriates having monthly salary of 20,000 Dirham with reasonable accommodation and 19,000 with two bedroom residence can bring his Parents in UAE on 1 year resident visa. The rule is also same for parents in law.

Important Rule: As per Parents Visa Rules a person must have to sponsor both of his parents if they were alive and not divorced.While in any other case for single parent visa you need to provide proof as well as proof of if you are only one on whom parents were dependent. For More information Visit: Salary Required to Sponsor Parents in UAE

Entry Permit Procedure:

Step 1:

The first thing is Entry visa valid for 60 days take the following documents with yourself at DNRD:

Entry Visa Application form get it from typing center.

Passport original of yourself and parents.

1 Photograph of each parent

Attested relationship proof and proof that parents are totally dependent on you. Attested from Embassy.

Copies of Salary Certificate, job contract, Bank Statement of 3 months

Step 2: 

Take all of above documents to General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai. Also give them  letter to give permission for entry of parents on humanitarians base or just appeal them in letter. Must give them all required documents with you contact number. The committee will study the application and may reject or approve.

The application form can be filled by typing agent after some charges.

Parents entry Visa application can be sumbitted at Residency affairs at DNRD.

They send your parents visa by post after 48 hours but urgent visa can be issued just in few minutes.

Visa Application fee is Dh 110 plus typing fee while you need to pay Dh 100 more for urgent application

Dh 2,000 is refundable fee that can only be refunded in case visa is cancelled or parents dies.

Parents Residency Visa Procedure:

Now after getting entry permit sponsor have 60 days to apply and complete the residence visa procedure.

Documents Required for Parents Residence Visa: 

Residence Visa application form with 3 photos of both parents.

Original and Copy of Passport of Sponsor and parents.

Parents Entry permit copy and original.

Health Card Report of Parents

Deposit slip of Dh 2000 as specified above while entry permit procedure.

Salary Certificate and Original Job Contract of Sponsor.


Get Health Card/ Medical Report after checkup from authorized health centers.

Take all above documents and visit General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai at residency section.

Fill the application form at Typing center after paying charges.

Sponsor also need to make insurance for their parents starting from Dh 700.

Residency Visa fees:

Dh 110 Residency fee for each year. Urgent Visa Fee is Dh 100

Postal or Parcel fee of Dh 10

For More Information Visit Dubai Government website

Location of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs

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