Police Clearance Good Conduct Certificate Dubai

How to Obtain Police Clearance Certificate/Good Conduct Certificate Online from Dubai Police:

Dubai/Good Conduct Certification provides verification from Dubai Police that the resident of Dubai or  previous residence of Dubai has clear Criminal Record. The Police Clearance is very useful in case individual is applying for any other developed countries vis especially western countries, Applicants of Canada, US, UK must obtain police clearance from each and every country previously they were resident of.

Students Visa applicants may also need the Dubai Police Clearance in order to get admission in colleges and universities abroad. There are some government agencies in UAE may also require this visa, such as marriage, license, change of name, immigration etc.


Applicant must provide the previous travel records of UAE in case he lived in UAE before. Such as Passport/Visa Copy if that time, UAE Residence Permit copy, id card.

UAE Citizens just provide their id.

Fingerprints of Applicant.

How to Apply:

Outside of UAE: Previous residents expatriates of UAE who were now outside of UAE and if want to obtain Police Clearance can contact Dubai Embassy in their Home country.

Residents/Expats: Visit Dubai Police Office with valid emirates id

UAE Residents: Visit Dubai Police Office with valid emirates id

Fee for Police Clearance:

# Certificate Fee
1 Certificate – UAE National 100 Dirhams
2 Certificate – Resident(Expats) 200 Dirhams
3 Certificate – From Outside the Country 300 Dirhams
4 Knowledge Fee 10 Dirhams
5 Innovation Fee 10 Dirhams

Where to apply:

There are several way to apply but it is best to visit the Dubai Police Office by yourself. In case of Online application you need to register with Dubai Police Database and after that apply for Police Clearance.

# Apply Through Timing Period to finish the request
1 Dubai Police Website- Internet (24h/7days) 5 Minutes
2 Dubai Police Smart Apps (24h/7days) 5 Minutes
3 call center 901 (Only Inquiries) (24h/7days) 5 Minutes
4 Offices 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM (Sunday to Thursday) 15 Minutes

Dubai Police Offices in Dubai:


Direct Line 901 Fax+971 4 269 2222 Email: mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae PO Box 1493


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