Part Time Job in UAE Labour Laws Guide

Want to do Part time work and earn some extra cash while doing job in UAE than we discuss how and what article of UAE labour laws were applicable on your situation. Many of workaholic people might not know about the laws that can help them to earn more cash even more than their regular job. Working part time will only be successful and lawful if it not create any problem with regular employer or job.

According to 2010 Amendments in Labour laws of uae by MOL of-course after signed by higher authorities, employees can take side jobs but must have to meet certain conditions.

Article 3, 4, 5 of the Ministerial Resolution No. (1188):

According to this Resolution Temporary or Part time work permits will be allowed for following categories:

  1. Every employee must posses Emirates ID card
  2. Those persons having work permit Based on Residency of their Families.
  3. University Students above 18 year of age.
  4. Civil Sector/Government Employees.

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in Article 4 said than Ministry has right to give work permit labour card for part time work with or without approval of employer.

According to Article 5 Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation can issue more than one part time work permits.

Applicable and Not Applicable:

Must Check your profession before applying for temporary part time work permit:

These profession are not allowed to take part time job:

Military personnel

Domestic Workers, House Drivers, House Maid

Security Police Guards

Farmers, Camel Breeders, Agriculture sector employee

Above Sixty Five Year of Age Persons

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