Notice Period in UAE labour Laws Explanation

Employee in UAE unaware about the exact notice period he should fulfill while resigning from any company in UAE, today we discuss some major articles of UAE labour laws pointing towards the duration of notice period.

What is Notice Period:

Employee resigns from job everyday but think about a position  lets say a receptionist or security guard of company want to resign but company need these positions every time to fulfill their work, so in order to replace the they need some time.

In that time a person who want to resign will remain in position this period is called notice period in notice period company find and employ a new employee who than start it duty when older employee goes off from his work.

Notice Period in UAE Labour Laws:

UAE labour laws clearly recommend notice period of 30 days for Unlimited/Indefinite contracts in Article No.117. However it can be seen as minimum time it may become more in case company didn’t find the respective quality employee. Sometime notice period is also written on Contract which might be more than 30 days. It is not allowed to reduce the notice period from 30 days.

Is it is both Cases Resignation or Termination?

Yes notice period must be fulfilled in case of resignation and termination but if company terminates his employee for any bad reason and they don’t want to see them any more they can allowed to end notice period. But they must compensate his employee for notice period according to article 119. In case employee not fulfill his

For the daily-paid workers, the notice period shall be as follows:

One week: if the worker has been employed for more than six months but less than one year.
Two weeks: if the worker has been employed for not less than one year.
One month: if the worker has been employed for not less than five years.

Salary During Notice Period:

According to Article 118 employee must be given regular salary and allowances during notice period as well as employee must keep doing his usual work.

Notice Period During Probation Sick Leave and Annual Leaves:

Only one day notice period is given according to labour laws for those employees who were on Probation(training) period.

Notice period is as per situation if comes in Annual leave if employee want to take leave he can take it or company can extend the period of employee employment for one month and start notice period after annual leave. Still It is as per situation.

If employee is sick he/she is allowed to get leave weather it is notice period or regular period.


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