New Prices of Carbonated Drinks and Cigarettes in UAE

A lot of new taxes may come in to UAE from the starting of 2018 but before that a new tax which was already implemented in other GCC is called Excise tax will hit upon on the markets of UAE from October 1 but the victims products are energy drinks, carbonated drinks and tobacco items which were considered to be unhealthy for Human health.

According to Finance official excise tax is a form of indirect tax that will helps the society for maintaining the good health if imposed on unhealthy items, higher prices reduce the consumption of unhealthy products.

The new regulations will increase the prices of tobacco and energy drinks to whooping 100%, while 50% price hike on Carbonated drinks many people who used to these products might get shocked after seeing these prices tags. Here tobacco means all type of products having ingredient of tobacco such as cigarettes

There are no any other products that to be included in the list only tobacco, carbonated and energy drinks will get expensive. According to the rules outbound passenger who take these drinks out of the UAE not impacted by this tax but those bring in shall face this tax.

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