List of fines of Dubai Metro 2017

Just like Traffic Tickets, in Dubai violating laws and regulations at Metro also come up with huge fines, if you are expat worker and don’t have enough salary than it is really hard to get rid of these fines from you shoulder. Be careful and read the below violations in detail and keep them away while riding on Dubai Metro.

RTA updates it list at starting of this 2017 in their announcement, keep yourself aware of these fines as well as you fellow workers.

500 Dirham Fines:

Using fake NOL card or Ticket

Trying to damage, troubling, tampering the machines, ticket device or any other part of Metro.

Fine of 300 Dirham:

Laying or sleeping in waiting areas, stands or any other place within premises of Metro.

Fine of 250 Dirham::

Parking the vehicle on Metro Parking area for More than 2 days.

Fine of 200 Dirham:

Travelling without Ticket

Using Staff or Officials Travel card to travel on Metro

Violating the instructions given by RTA Authorties

Travelling on Expired NOL Card.

Selling of NOL card without any permission.

Spitting, throwing liquids, littering, staining at any place of metro.

Smoking in Metro.

Carrying harmful Materials, Hazardous things, flammable, weapons.

Drinking Alcohol or Carrying inside metro

Promoting or selling products.

Try to talk unnecessary with driver, distracting him or doing something that distract him from driving.

Fine of 100 Dirham:

Sitting in seats where not allowed or seats designated for special persons.

Causing disturbance to other passengers or any other such thing.

Seating unmannerly such as putting feet on seats.

Eating at area where not allowed.

Damaging lifts/escalators, or using them in improper way.

Jumping/climbing/degrading anything at metro.

Trying to access the area where entering is not allowed.

Leaving from moving vehicle.

Material causes pollution, disturbance, and hazard to other people.

Parking in a Metro user’s designated space for more than 24 hours.


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