How to Use Wallet App for Exit at Dubai Airport

Dubai Airports introduces new Smart wallet application that can be install on smart phone and swiped through smart gates to exit from Dubai usually this process can be done by showing passport at immigration which requires more time. Immigration clearance requires a lot of patience and in Dubai it will become more due to heavy traffic going in and out.

The application can only be used at terminal 3 of Dubai Airports, UAE wallet app is secure and didn’t require passengers to take out his passport for clearance at immigration.

Currently the UAE Wallet Application only works at Airports in second stage all data of emirates and residents will linked with app and can be used at any government department in Dubai.

How to install and USE Wallet at Dubai Airport:

Download the UAE Wallet app from the Apple store/Playstore

Register with wallet app before departing from Dubai

After registering, fill out all the information and verify, The wallet will generate BAR Code, which you can scan at Smart Gate on Terminal 3 and exit from UAE.

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