How to lift labour ban of UAE in 2017 is complex issue and requires certain amount of legal advice in order to solve the problem, labour ban is of several types and causes of this ban is not same for everyone low paid or blue collar workers faces strict ban while professional degree holders usually don’t even get this ban. But there are many scenarios of lifting ban in this article we discusses lifting labor ban for unlimited contract.

In a scenario a employee whose contract is Unlimited while employment period is less than 1 year and having qualification of Master of Engineering(Any Type).

Well in above scenario employee terminate his contract before completing 2 years so he automatically included in the list for 6 month labour ban. This means he cannot join new company for 6 months and process UAE visa for six months.

But there are some exemptions were given by MOL according  to Ministerial Resolution 1186 of 2010, if any agreement or mutual understanding is between employer and employee to terminate the contract, secondly he must completes at least 2 years with current employee. 

But according to scenario employee did not completes even his first year so he did not use above points about Ministerial Resolution but there is some other point he can use(ARTICLE(4)).

Same Ministerial Resolution (1186 of 2010) further explains that: 

If employee is working an Skill Level of One, Two and Three and Moving to same professional level having salary of  Dhs.12,000(1st level), Dhs.7,000(2nd level) and Dhs.5,000(Third level). Than in this case he can move without any kind of labour ban or if he didn’t completes two years.

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Also It is critical that you have degree of higher studies such as MBA, Master of Engineering this can assure smooth transaction to another company.

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