How to Find Handbag Fake or Original in UAE

The very specificity of the Dubai that everyone wears luxury and luxury is very standard in Dubai at the same time you also have a very big fake market so everyone wants luxury everyone but not able to afford it  so you have a very increased number of people on the streets and markets  with both fake and real items.

Buy it from a Reliable Store:

The very first thing is to make sure that the place where you’re going to buy your item is trustable, all never buy an item online if there is only one picture of the item never buy something where you cannot feet the item or  cannot look at the inside of the item because usually that when you’re going to be able to make your judgments on whether the item is real or fake.

Do a Physical Inspection

the outside

The fabric

The pattern

The stitching

The hologram

The sticker

Also, the manufacturer codes are very important checkpoints when you have to authenticate bags.

To authenticate bag just feel it and smell it why because usually plastic has a smell and leather has its own smell, look at the chain. Usually, Fake ones give a finish that will give a feel of the used bag.

Look inside the bag see the inside of the bag if it is perfectly shaped and there is no fabric going out of the of the body and look at the logo and the tag that is inside.

Ask for Authenticity Card

Make sure that you can have an authenticity warranty from the place you’re buying have potentially the invoice with your items look at the packaging and everything that comes with your items because all of these details will matter and will help you to not only buy your items with confidence but also to be able to maintain and to resell it in the future.

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