How to download or view labour card contract online

According to the Ministry of Labor, about two and a half million workers in the private sector in the country have benefited from the services of «we communicate» on its website since its inception. The ministry said that 2,593,000 workers in private companies with business cards benefited from the follow-up of their data on the ministry’s website, as well as 9586 workers who did not have business cards, who saw the data of their contracts and the electronic version of their cards.
The Ministry of Labor added that some 27,688 employers have also registered in the “etwasal” services on the ministry’s website to benefit from its services. Including the identification of labour card and their expiry dates, establishment data and the status of the license, as well as salary certificates, as well as the establishment of electronic applications for the transfer of wages according to the system «protection of wages». The Ministry pointed out that there are many electronic services provided by the site, including the calculation of fines for workers’ labor cards, by entering the number of the ticket to be calculated on the website and knowing the list of fees required by the ministry for its services.
The ministry pointed out that its electronic services have increased to 20, including “we communicate”. In line with the directives of HE Saqr Ghobash, the Minister of Labor is seeking to provide excellent services to all categories of clients. In addition, the ministry confirmed that the call center services include a trained staff to answer customer questions in 12 different languages. One of the most used etwasal services is checking of labor Card online here is how you can do it.

Check Download Labour Card Online:

1. To Download UAE labour card online Go to this  Link

2. Now find this Site “”

3. Change the language of the website

4. Now select Labour Card Information under Are you Employee

5. Do you have labor hit yes

6. Enter all the details including Passport Number

Here how labor card Look Like

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