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How to Apply for Part Time Jobs in UAE

We already discuss the provisions and article related to part time job work permit in UAE labour laws which allows certain professions to do job and also gives some general conditions to get part time work permit. This permit is only given by MOHRE and employee  need to get NOC from his employer also he/she must inform his regular employer of part time work if applicable.

Rules in UAE Labour laws for Part Time Job Permit

Documents Required in Application of Part Time Work:

Residence Visa Copy

Passport Copy

Passport Size Photograph(1) white background

NOC letter in Arabic from employer

Trade license copies of regular and part time employer

Establishments Cards for labourers of both employers(Optional_

Passport Copy In case of Spouse or Father is a sponsor

Take All these documents to Tasheel Centers double check from them and submit the documents

See the Location of Tasheels Centers in Dubai

At center they will also fill your Part Time Permit Application form in Arabic the fee for application is 153 AED while to make of part time labour card they will take AED 553.

Once you have all your documents, please scan them and submit them through Tasheel Authorised centre.

Now start earning extra cash and consume your precious free time in UAE to earn more money. This card is really beneficial for Students, freelancers, housewives.

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