Hepatitis Infection test for Visa of UAE

Hepatitis Infection test for Visa of UAE Emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Viral Hepatitis B C or any other type may have chance to spread towards other individual which is a reason behind that the viral hepatitis test must be done before entering in in UAE for work purpose. Some might be think that it is mandatory for all of Job categories but it not. Medical examinations such as AIDS/HIV, Tuberculosis and leprosy is mandatory for all expatriates entering in UAE but no all expatriates require to test for Hepatitis as in some situations this infection may have less chance to spread towards other citizen.

To differentiate between who can get visa and what medical examinations required. Here I make a table for expatriates in order to understands who must have to go through hepatitis test so that he/she can get work visa or domestic worker visa for UAE.

HIV/AIDS(Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)

The first test is HIV/AIDS there many things about this diseases and you may know about that. Testing for this disease is Mandatory in case you get positive result authorties deported you from the UAE. HIV/AIDS test is mandatory and must be recheck again at the time of Visa Renewal or New Visa.


When doctors take X-Ray of your chest that this means that he is testing for Lung Tuberculosis. This test is not required for renewal of visa but it is strictly check when anyone first enters in UAE in case if he/she get positive result could be deported from UAE. It is best to always check for tuberculosis before entering in UAE as most of expatriates don’t know or do fake test after when recheck got positive and face difficulties and the end deported. Some person have situation where their Tuberculosis can be cured with treatment may be given with 1 year validity to get treatment within UAE.

Grant of Visa for Hepatitis Infected Person:

Now lets start our details on this test. It is also confusing for many expatriates that they must do this test in order to get visa but this test is relied on you Visa category(Profession). Hepatitis test is merely mandatory for all domestic visa holders and must be rechecked while renewal of visa.

Who have to do Test for Hepatitis type B and C


Nursery workers

kindergarten employees


workers at barber shops

health clubs or restaurants


beauty centers

While those who employed on Salons, Health clubs, beatuy center must be test for Hepatits types B and C both.

All of these hepatitis Medical Test and visa renewal to be done within 30 days from the date of expiry for those having these above categories.

For those who get negative cases of Hepatitis B and C must vaccinated and given with certificate of vaccination as at the time of visa renewal, visa holder claim that he/she is vaccinated before.

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  1. I am Hepatisis B positive (with less than 10K viral load) nuclear engineer from India looking for job in UAE. Will i get Work VISA if i get selected in company there?

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