Housing in UAE is very expensive, same as anything else but what to expect from one of  the world most expensive cities of UAE where usually millionaires were only be able to get their own home. Like all other middle eastern gulf countries expatriates workers get job here so that they could send residencies to their home. But the main point is that these worker usually lives in group of 6 to ten in one room due to high prices of housing in UAE. Most of time those worker especially labors cut their own expenses in order to save dirhams to send towards their home where already their Poor family is waiting for money to pay their bills.


Last year when UAE ministry of LAbor ease some of the labor laws in which removing labor Ban is one of the major move, previously those workers who flies away from UAE without sponsor approval may face labor ban. But now the rules were applied to make labor contract more flexible. Which also allows labour to terminate their contract after specific time period.

Human resources and Emiratisation ministry now order companies in UAE to give free accommodation to those having wage less than 2000 Dirhams per month.

This decision may fully functional at the end of this year month December but only applies those companies having employed more than 50 employees. This facility is only give to those having category of LOW SKILLED WORKER in UAE.

Also regular inspection were taken to see the living condition of labors on those houses provided by their companies to them as free accommodation. In case any thing catches against company that penalties imposed.

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