Emirates ID Expiry Fines and Renewal Grace Period

Expats existence in UAE can only be proved by its Visa or Emirates ID, but  many expat unconcern about the fines and penalties if they unable to renew their emirates Id. There is some grace period is given in this matter as it is required by holder to do the renewal before that grace expiry date. Remeber if Emirates ID expires and holder don’t renew it within 30 days, they can get in trouble at anytime if caught by police and there bank accounts may also get discontinued.

Grace Period for Emirates ID Renewal:

Grace period is time frame given to card holder within which he must have to take steps to renew his Emirates ID from Emirates Identity Authority. The Grace period after expiry of card is 30 days means than once card is expired holder must visit government authority to renew his card.

Emirates ID Expiry Fine:

No excuses will entertained in this matter as 30 days grace period is already given to card holder for renewal procees. If failed there are several severe penalties.

  1. Bank accounts get closed.
  2. Any Services given by authorities discontinued.
  3. Holding expired ID is a crime.
  4. Individual may not openly visit public places.
  5. Fine of 20 AED to 1000 AED per day will be imposed after expiry of Grace period.
  6. If Individual not report to authorities he/she may get ban to enter again in UAE or the matter go to court for further investigation.

Must note that same thing will happen if new card is not issued to expat, but this is mostly the headache of sponsor.

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