Question from Philippines: I visit UAE on feb 2016 the visa of mine is Visit Visa/Tourist Visa but due to some reason i don’t make it to airport after grace period ended hence i overstayed on visa but now when i applied again for tourist visa in July it was rejected? Is i banned from entering into Dubai?

Answer: Any individual who is on visit visa or employment visa if overstays on visa after 30 days grace period than they will be face fine for each overstay day and if get caught immediately dep
orted from UAE after paying fine there are many cases when any person didn’t able to pay fine have to face few months in jail also. The provisions related to overstaying fines is given on Federal Law no 6 of 1973 which is called entry and residence of foreigners.

Those who violates this law if deported without paying of fines sometime faces ban to enter again in UAE for one year, sometime even if the person pay the fine he/she still have to face ban. The ban comes due to some of amendment made to the law in recent years. According to article 48 these visitors to UAE are called alien resident after they overstay on visa. An alien resident deported from UAE didn’t come back again except the permission of MOI which means that those who want to come back within a year must have permission from MOI. The permanent ban is usually imposed due to criminal issue or breaking of laws ┬áthat having very harsh impact, there many cases where any person have to face long time ban even after 1 year. To see the details of above visit

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