“deadly night cockroach” is not Deadly Abu Dhabi ADDC

The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (ADDC) has denied that the video is circulating on the social media, warning of the emergence of the night cockroach in Abu Dhabi and that it leads to serious injuries and death, pointing out that it is harmless but especially annoying when breeding in homes. The Center is undertaking operations to combat all types of insect pests as part of its efforts to promote environmental sustainability and maintain public health.

The “Night Cockroach” is a type of insect that lives in dark and warm places and among the weeds and appears at night. The males make sounds for the female to communicate. The sound may be heard from the place and the insect is elsewhere. It is a harmless insect that is only irritating, especially when it is multiplying in homes. This type of insect lives in warm wet places and feeds on rotting plants and dead animals. It also feeds on scattered and sugary food remains and likes sweetened liquids.

In 2008, the number of infected pests in Abu Dhabi reached 4.8% for the American birds, 6.7% for rodents, 1.6% for flies and 1% for mosquitoes. Insects in drainage drains every 15 days, while the control of sewer openings is conducted once a month, stressing that they use the latest methods used globally, such as the use of biological pesticides with advanced installations of high effectiveness and long-lasting and have a safe impact on the environment, Which the Center is taking in the field of counter-terrorism Mosquitoes, such as spraying insecticide drainage channels.

And called on the circulation of the public not to circulate such rumors and contribute to the promotion of where there is a high risk, and recourse to the official authorities to clarify the truth about rumors and respond to them depending on the scientific method.

The cockroach of the night has a cylindrical body, a round head, long wings and two strong hind legs with long thighs and hiding between foliage or under objects such as rocks, wood or garbage containers. This name is called a squeak and appears only at night and in places Dark, and the simplest way to eliminate it is lighting the place and ignite the lamp and has several names of them; the magic of the night and the night – besides the grasshopper.

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