Workers who employed in any industry is given with special protection when any unfortunate event happens which cause deaths. UAE labour laws also define the compensation and benefits given to worker’s relative in case of his death during work which is also called occupational death. The law which describes the provisions of compensation related to occupation death is ARTICLE NO 149 of the labour law no 8 of 1980. The provisions stated in article no 149 describes the compensations given to deceased person’s relatives.


Compensation for Non-occupational death:

In case the worker dies not during work but naturally than it is responsibility of employer to pay compensation to its close family members or dependents, consists of last 24 months basic wage of worker. According to the article 149 of UAE labour laws.

Compensation for Occupational Death:

On the other hand if worker dies during his work such accident while doing his service work or even disease caused due to occupational work such as workers of chemical factory. Than in this case dependents and his close family members are entitled for compensation equal to workers basic salary of last 24 months but the compensation must not below 18000 dirham and not more than 35,000 dirham. The amount of compensation is relies on last basic salary of the worker.

How the Compensation is distributed among family members or dependents.

Do you know the laws related to annual leave and vacation in UAE.

The provisions of Schedule 3 attached to this Law gives us details related to whom the compensation is given and how it is divided.

The deceased worker family or dependents means his widow or widower and children

Children who were not able to earn by themselves below the age of 24 years. Also those sons under the age of 7 and sons currently studying.  Sons includes the sons of husband and wife who were financially relies on deceased person.

Unmarried daughters of wife and husband  who financially relies on deceased person.

Deceased person parents

Brother and Sisters who were relies on deceased person for needs.

If employer taken the insurance on his worker than employer may take insurance amount from insurance company and pay them to deceased relatives in this employer don’t need to pay any other compensation

We are making the labour laws understandable to UAE laborers Please must give us a share and comment below if you didn’t understand.

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