Check Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines Online

Abu Dhabi Police to keep in track with advance technology and online systems, provide a convenient inquiry service for checking of Online Traffic violation fines مخالفات ابوظبي, that were only committed within the premises of Abu Dhabi Emirate.
Any traveler from Other emirates such as Dubai if violates and traffic law in Abu Dhabi can check his violation fine using plate number, symbol, license number.

1. First of all visit Abu Dhabi Police Official Traffic Fine inquiry Service مخالفات المرور:


2. After opening Traffic Fine Inquiry Select you specific type of input data from which you want to check vehicle violation fine.

3. In case of Vehicle Plate Data enter Plate number, TC Number (Traffic Symbol), Plate Color, Plate type.

4. Can also be check from Driver’s license Number if vehicle is on violators name.



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