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UAE-Oman Hatta Border crossing by Bus

A popular Saying is Enjoy two things in One ticket, Same apply for Dubai Oman Border Crossing, many tourist visiting Dubai UAE can enjoy the hiking in beautiful Wadis of Oman or set up the desert camp near the largest Sand Dune in Arabian Desert. To do this you need …

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How to Apply for Part Time Jobs in UAE

We already discuss the provisions and article related to part time job work permit in UAE labour laws which allows certain professions to do job and also gives some general conditions to get part time work permit. This permit is only given by MOHRE and employee  need to get NOC …

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Check UAE Labour Contract on Smartphone

Checking UAE Labour Contract has two Options one from online mol website while secondly it can also be check using MOL smart phone application. In this guide we go through the procedure to check MOL Labour Contract using Smart Phone Application. First of all you need to install MOL Application, …

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