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Reissue of New UAE Dh1 coin

Central Bank of UAE has announced the re issuing of the memorial DH1 Coin called as Mother of Nation on the event of support and assistance of Sheikha Fatima Program for nation’s Excellence and Social Creativity. The program is focused on providing practical relieve to the health problems faced by women …

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UAE Population by Nationality 2018

In case of all gulf countries the population of expatriates is considerably more than that of their own citizens, In UAE the expat arriving each day from the different countries since the Oil boom in UAE. Everyone here don’t know look same we see and hear different people the spoke …

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It is not easy to send your hard earned income through a way which is insecure and costlier also, Dubai or another emirates generates huge amount of out going money billions of Dirhams goes out from UAE in the form of remittances every year. Many US citizens that were professional …

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