Birth Certificate of New Born Baby in UAE Dubai

It time when your New Born baby came in to Earth within UAE Emirates of Dubai you must have to make arrangements for registering his Birth Certificate Certificate as a proof that Your Baby is Born in UAE. For easy Acquisition of Birth certificate I will explain each and every step of process. The birth certificate is only one thing for your baby some more things you have to make for your baby such as child Passport, Residency etc. First thing of whole process is getting birth certificate. You must make your mind for all of those things when you expecting baby.

What Things To Consider Before Birth of Baby in UAE:

Parents have been given 120 days to complete all procedure of arranging required documents:

Passport of child
Emirates ID
Medical Insurance

If the required documents as shown above not arranged within 120 days parents  have to pay fine of 100dhs for each extra day. The second thing is to contact and inform employer/sponsor for mothers maternity leave. The leave consists of 45 day and in case of emergency it could be increase for further 15 days. Also if the mother is employed for more than 1 year in company she will be entitled for paid maternity leave. Before arriving in Hospital for delivery collect copy of all of the documents listed below:
Attested marraige Certificate in Arabic
Both Parents Passport and Visa Copy
Emirates ID card copies of both parents


What thing to do After Birth of Baby:

Birth Notification:
Every Hospital in UAE is responsible to generate Notification og Birth of new born baby for this Hospital will sent the alert to respective emirate Health Authority. After that Health authority validate, enter in record and confirm the birth the send all the documents with Birth Notification to hospital it can take 1 to 2 days . The responsibility of Notification in totally on respective hospital. Immunization book is also a document issued by hospital.
No Any fee is taken for this.
I hope the baby is healthy and happy now you will have to take clear photographs of new born baby with eyes opened with background of white because these photos required to make Emirates ID and Passports. Yourself save these photos in USB and take print of them.

Birth certificate procedure in uae

How to Get Birth Certificate:

The today discussion is for getting Birth Certificate we may discuss all other documents procedure in future post must follow me to get the updates.
The prove of birth is infant birth certificate which may require in many other future cases. There were only 30 days given to parents to acquire birth certificate. Following documents are pre-requisite for making certificate.

Notification Birth from Hospital copy
Parents Visa, Passports Copies
Emirates ID copies of both parents
Attested marriage certificate translated in Arabic copy

Take the Above documents in Health Authority Offices. Officially birth certificate is in Arabic Language you have to translate it in English from Hospital and make copies of both of them the fee of each copy is dhs 50.

To make the Birth Certificate strong legitimate document it is certain to attest the form tasheel center. Remember to attest both copies of document i.e English and Arabic. The fee for each document is 150 dhs.

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