Banned items to carry Travelling to UAE from India

UAE now contains  mega cities which welcomes large amount of visitors to see the diversity of shopping malls, unique 21st century attractions, pools, parks, desert camping and much more. Usually those who travels through an agents were given with guidelines which things you can carry and which not. People buy medicines from home countries such as India and than come to UAE because medicines here is not cheap. Be sure to see the list of ban item below and ready your baggage accordingly.

The list of these items are published by consulate General of India in Dubai.

Violation of carrying restricted items results in severe fines, penalties, deportation and jail
1. All Drugs having Narcotic Categories Like Cocaine, Herion, poppy seeds, hashish, marijuana, hallucinogenic pills etc
2. Those things imported or made in countries having severe relations with UAE or boycotted by uae.
3. Goods or products on which Made in Israel is written.
4. Items of animals such as ivory, horns of rhinoceros.
5. Any Tools related to gambling and casino machines.
6. Fishing nets with three layers.
7. Materials having historic significance belongings to museum, items of historic place such as prints, paintings, sculptures etc.
8. Vehicle tires Used, recycled,
9. Items that emits radiations and pollutes the environment.
10. Any books, texts, or other type of things that were opposite to Islamic teachings.
11. Ban items from UAE Customs.
12. Curreny that is forged, fake, or duplicated.
13. Food made in home is not allowed to carry.
Indian embassy also given list of items related to medicines and drugs banned to carry in UAE.

1. Be sure that even the major drugs having narcotic effects are banned, if any medicines contains ingredient which is also banned not allowed to carry.
2. If the patient is onboard having serious medical emergency than he/she must carry perscription of registered pysician either from India or UAE. Also must carry every report of medicial history.
3. Only three months of dose is allowed to carry for patient coming to UAE.
4. Medicines related to mental illness(Psychotropic medicines) can be brought by non-uae resident for maximum of three months dose.
5. While Residents can bring Psychotropic medicines for 1 months and for 3 months after approval Drug Control Department.
6. Those who want to bring narcotic medicines such as marijauna as a purpose of medicines must have to get approval from Ministry of Health.
7. Medicines or drugs booked by person as courier cannot be given to receiver unless above requirement are completed.

 8. To see the official list of item published by UAE government visit
9. Also try not carry poppy seeds in any form, must check items that contains poppy seed also Pan Masala, betel leaf, Gutkha, Naswar, were also banned in UAE same as other countries

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