UAE Ban Types: Labour Immigration Residence Ban

UAE eased Labour Ban laws one year ago but still there are huge amount of cases that prevent people to work and live in UAE and its Emirates. The Ban has several types according to their duration and violations due to which it has been committed.

To secure the growing employment opportunities many job seekers always want to stay in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates for maximum time but they don’t do that if they have Ban of following types: Related: New Labour Ban Rules 2016 in UAE

Labour Ban:

This ban has many victims and all have their own concerns some see this as injustice but mainly these people do violates residency laws in result they got labour ban. There are two types of labour Ban 6 Months Ban and One Year Ban.

6 Months Labour Ban: 

A most common type of ban in UAE and imposed on many violators, the cause of this ban varies from profession and employees. This ban usually imposed in case of violation of employment contract or giving wrong/false information in contract as well as running away from job without informing employer or violating terms in contract. This Ban may also be imposed in case of overstay on visa.


Exemption from this ban in given to those having Free Zone or Government employer. If worker has qualification more than high school as well as for those having salaries more than 5000 AED.

One Year Labour Ban:

Expatriates working in UAE most of them on Limited contract, the contract has duration minimum of 2 years which can be more as stated in mutual contract. If worker did not competes specific period stated in contract and leave the job without informing employer than employer will face one year restriction to enter in any part of UAE.

There are lot of causes of this Ban also such as if you move false case against employer in labour court and you failed to proof any violation from employer, doing any illegal thing during work etc.

Immigration Permanent or Residence Ban:

This Ban is one of the severe ban and the violator don’t visit, enter or get residence in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates. The Ban imposed due of criminal offences, un-paid debt, bounced cheque, unsolved case, unpaid heavy traffic tickets, runaway after accident.

The ban remain until violator surrender themselves in-front of court, solve the case if any crime is committed legal punish is given after completing duration of punishment it will be lifted otherwise if offence doesn’t proved than ban will be automatically lifted.

Some other causes of this ban Are, Drunk driving, theft, unlicensed arms, run away from job/ absent from job etc.

There are some serious crimes involving having charges equal to lifetime punish in case if that type of individual enter in UAE it will immediately caught by uae police.

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