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UAE-Expatriates is a blog to provide credible information to 7.8 Million Expatriates who are staying in UAE or who are keen to visit UAE for Work.

What is NOL Card? Benefits and Features

Dubai offers numerous convenient transportation services to its residents and tourists via RTA (roads and Transport Authority) this includes Buses, Dubai Metro, Waters transport, Dubai Tram as well as RTA Enabled parking areas. NOL Smart Card allows citizens to avail paid RTA services, this one card can give access to a …

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3 Ways to Check RTA NOL Card Balance

Nol Card Enable citizens of Dubai to keep Balance for Dubai Metro, Buses, Water Buses, Dubai tram in traveler pocket in the form of one card. Don’t need to pay cash, or swipe credit cards, remaining balance can be check at Metro Station ticket machine by tapping or by using online …

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Reissue of New UAE Dh1 coin

Central Bank of UAE has announced the re issuing of the memorial DH1 Coin called as Mother of Nation on the event of support and assistance of Sheikha Fatima Program for nation’s Excellence and Social Creativity. The program is focused on providing practical relieve to the health problems faced by women …

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UAE Population by Nationality 2018

In case of all gulf countries the population of expatriates is considerably more than that of their own citizens, In UAE the expat arriving each day from the different countries since the Oil boom in UAE. Everyone here don’t know look same we see and hear different people the spoke …

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Abu Dhabi Schools Holidays Term 2017-2018 ADEC

Abu Dhabi Education Council Announced the Leaves and Holidays for the school for next term between 2017 to 2018. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education school holiday must be follow without any exception although flexibility is allowed. As per Adec Schedule the next term will start from …

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Tasheel Service Centers in Abu Dhabi UAE

To diversify the Ministry of Labour Services, Tasheels Service Centers were setup in Abu Dhabi and other emirates. Tasheels Centers are official mini officies of MOL, except these are private. These service run under the regulations and supervision of MOL which ensure the high end quality services for end user. …

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UAE Official Public Holidays 2018

Each Worker in UAE(Private/Public) entitled for Specific Holidays according to Article 74 of UAE labour laws for Private employees. The holidays in UAE are in accordance with Islamic Events and Festivals. The Holidays of New year Gregorian and National Day of UAE are two only official holidays that are not included …

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Cash Carrying Limit at Airports of UAE

According to Dubai Customs every travelers who is entering or going out from UAE via Airport or any other means than they must follow the limits set by UAE Customs laws. Traveler must declare the money if it is more than the limit set by authorities. According to Dubai Customs …

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New Islamic Year Holiday in UAE 1439 Hijri

New Islamic Year Holiday in UAE 1439 Hijri For Public and Private Sector Islamic new year will starts upon sighting of new Moon which is September 21 2017(1st Muharram 1439). According to UAE Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, the new year …

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