Annual Leaves Vacations Laws in UAE

UAE Labour laws are one of the strongest laws in whole Gulf and implemented strictly, many people may find difficulties due to no awareness of Labour Laws. Annual leaves and vacations are one the main topic in labour laws in any emirates Dubai Abudhabi Sharjah. The document which represents UAE labour laws called FEDERAL LAW NO. (8) OF 198 in which section 2 define the annual leaves and vacation as RIGHT of employee From Article no. 74 to 80.


It is not easy to understand these laws for normal UAE employees, many employees don’t know the words and language used in legal document well most of them don’t understand the laws due to difficulty in Reading them, well tries its best to explain each and every article related to labour laws of annual leaves and vacation in the UAE.

Starting From Article 74 which is related to Vacations and Holidays during Islamic festivals and other special occasion. Article no 74 said that each employee is given with full paid leave on following days. It is illegal to not giving pay of these days.

Hijra New Year. One day
Christian New Year. One day
Eid Al Fitr Two days
Eid Al Adha and Waqfa day Three days
Birthday of the Prophet One day
Ascension Day One day
National Day One day


The Article 75 the most important one which define the rules related to labour leaves.

According to Article 75 the employee must granted an annual leave after each year of service.

  • Two days per month leave must be given to employee whose service is more than 6 months but less than a year.
  • While those employee who completed his first year of service will be given with  one month of leave for every year he works.

Article No 76 define the requirement of dividing or splitting the leave in article 75 employee can set the date of annual leave after mutual understanding and can divide or split the not more than two parts. However the leave division is not juvenile employees

Article no 77: if employee get sick during his annual leave than no extra leave is given. OR any other holiday stated above comes with annual leave can also be considered as a part of annual leave.

Article no 78(Pay and Allowance during Annual Leave)

During Annual leave the worker is entitled for Basic Pay and Housing Allowance(if applicable). But if the work requirement requires the employee to stay and work during annual leave than employer must given him full benefits with all allowances with one extra allowance in lieu of annual leave.

Employer not allowed to retain worker during annual leaves for more than two successive years.

Article no 79: Leave if employee resign or terminated before getting annual leave

Those employees who leave or terminated from his job after completed notice period and his annual leaves are DUE. than he must given with pay as alternative to his annual leave

There are some article related to annual leave but above give the comprehensive knowledge to any worker laborer or employee about how much leave he will be given with according to UAE labour laws. If you don’t understand than must comment below and we welcome your question and try our best to answer as soon as possible.

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