On feb 2016 A new resolution no 5 of 2016 was passed on  infectious and communicable diseases which is consider as a major change in Visa Renewal Rules. This resolution makes treatment mandatory for those residents having tuberculosis (TB) scars or drug-resistant TB in order to stay inside Dubai.

The rules were unchanged for those having related to hepatitis infection A, B, C, HIV Aids. The screening and vaccinations for hepatitis B and C is mandatory for all workers of domestic category. See in detail about Medical Examination of Hepatatis in UAE.

This resolution make TB Screening must for all Expatriates while renewing of their Visa. If scars of TB found in Resident than he/she is given with conditional fitness certificate which allows him to get visa for one more year in which resident must have to complete his treatment of TB within UAE. Residents failing to comply with the treatment protocol for TB will be considered unfit.

According to Experts the New resolution make every expatriate to get treatment of TB hence makes number of patients lower. Also these resolution assures good outcome for the management of diseases like Hepatatis B, C.

Health experts consider this resolution a really beneficial for expatriate as after visa renewal they will be given with one year to get treatment of TB without leaving UAE. Prior to that even if small scar of TB was founded in individual his visa is not renewed and must have to leave UAE.

Vaccination of Hepatitis

Hepatitis Vaccination is already mandatory  hospital staff, food handlers and sanitation workers. The number of Hepatitis Infection patients becomes less and the vaccination also stops hepatitis to transfer to other people. As every domestic worker now checked for hepatitis even the worker is already negative the hepatitis infection is always checked while visa renewal hence  prevalence of these infections will fall drastically and this will work wonders for collective community and public health.

Treatment Cost of TB: 

The main complexity in the mind of every expatriate is cost of TB treatment. According to doctors One year treatment of TB cost almost 48000 dirham. Also health insurance companies usually not covers TB. The workers in UAE is usually from South Asia where treatment of TB is lot more cheaper than here in UAE. Also the wages of worker were far less as compare to monthly treatment of TB which is 4000 Dirham.

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