Al Ain (Hili), UAE- Buraimi, Oman Border Crossing

The convenient way to visit Oman from UAE is through border crossing previously we see the procedure to cross hatta-wajjaja border crossing, which best route for tourist, expats of UAE as well as GCC residents. Today we will see what are the requirement and procedure to cross Hili at Al ain Border post in to Buraimi Oman border post. The main things which might most of expats is not know that who can cross this border.

Who can Cross:

As per 2015 any expatriates residents or tourist on either side is not allowed to cross Al Ain/Buraimi border. Only GCC Citizens can cross this border.

While Buraimi  has cheaper residential costs many workers in Al Ain starts residing in Buraimi which require them to enter in to al hili after getting special entry visas which might also now closed.

There also a story of students who were Indian expatriates dependent students were attending Indian school in Al Ain also faced difficulty in getting entry and exit visas.

Al Kuwaitat Border Post also called Al Madheef border crossing is also only for GCC residents.

So it is better not to take this route if you were not a GCC citizen/National.

UPDATE: There is another border post at Al ain – Buraimi called Khatm Al Shiklah border post there no restriction on this post expatriate having UAE residence visa, tourist visa holders, GCC residents can also cross this post.


The NEW Sa’ara border point in Al Buraimi is now open for Omanis and expats, making it easier to travel to the UAE from Oman.


Hili Border Post:

For GCC residents it is simple procedure they just need to present traveler documents proving that they are UAE nationalists. If they were travelling in their own vehicle that they also need to present vehicles insurance and registration.

Buraimi Border Post: 

At Buraimi traveler just need to represent its documents as well as exit paper from UAE and they can easily enter in to Oman.

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