Air Ticket Allowance in UAE Labour Laws

Expat employees in UAE who visit their homeland on Annual leave might be thinking about if their company give him allowance for Air ticket or not. There is no such thing is mentioned in UAE labour law that “Air Ticket allowance is mandatory” However it can be added with other allowances given to employee such as it might be covered in annual leave salary etc. Let see if air ticket allowance is not mentioned in laws than which articles may define allowance of such kind.

Article 131 of UAE labour laws define something related to these type of allowance.

Labour Contract Expires:

According to this Article when employee is moving to his home country where he belongs than his expenses should be filled by employer after mutual understand of both parties.

While in case if employee contract is ended or he join/change to new employer than his expenses of moving provided by his current or previous employer.

While in case if the employer did not pay the expenses than official authorities should pay the employee on behalf of his employer.

If employee contract terminated due to his own mistake or reason than he has to pay himself for repatriation if he posses enough amount to pay.

Further details of Article 131 is given in his repeated form 

Expenses Defined in this Article:

Expenses is defined as those which were required by employee to travel back to his home country such as travel tickets and also which were defined in employee contract.

Employment contract is terminated:

While those employees who were fired or terminated by his company/employer that employee is eligible for one way ticket air or sea to his home country.

Well you see in original clauses of labour laws Air Tickets were not mentioned but after the word “repatriation” is used instead giving when you employer should give ¬†expenses to employee to travel back to home country.


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