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UAE ones a land just known for its fishing industry and tribes that live in it, but now it is an economical giant as well as a shopper paradise, attraction for desert adventures, modern and largest building and much more things that were developed by UAE to attract visitors all around the world.

United Arab Emirates due to having more free, liberal and friendly envirnoment give him an upper stand amoung other nations in the region. Dubai a wonderful city in the country known as a Economical and tourism hub of Middle East and Gulf.

Due to its rich land almost every petroleum resources were founded in it, oil sucking machiners plants as well as huge boom in construction industry attracts worker almost every part of the work in all types of fields. UAE own citizen did not work in different blue collar and technical fields due the highest status the have as a citizen, which also contributes in increasing population of expatriates in Emirates.

UAE setups the separate laws for foreigner workers to protect the rights of their own citizens as well as balancing the population gap but still almost 70 percent of population is composed of expatriates. In 2013 total population of UAE was numbered at 9.2 million in which 7.8 million were expats and 1.4 million were own nationals.

These vast number of expatriates have their own problems totally different from nationals, UAE is lawful country as well as one the happiest nation in the world, laws here is strictly implemented by authorities. New expats coming to UAE everyday they did not understand the laws because most of them from countries such as south Asians where laws were violated easily. In our blog we give explanation about these laws related to labour, traffic, work etc. Always follow the laws in UAE as well as in your home country.

We discuss all basic guides related to UAE visas and types, Traffic Laws, Procedures, Driving, Family Visa, Passport Renewals, Ban items in UAE, Living daily life related to all Emirates of UAE.