6 Steps Procedure for New Driving Licence in Dubai UAE

Drivers from many countries outside of UAE want to get Driver licence of UAE to drive Taxis, personal vehicles, Trailers, tractors, bikes, luxury cars or any other vehicle on the roads of Dubai. Drivers from all around the world work as an employee in Dubai, this is main source of income for many expats living in Dubai. The drivers are usually nationalist of Asian countries which may some type confuse to get licence to drive in Dubai as the procedure is different from their own country. The article covers every expect of getting driving licence in Dubai may be seem lengthy to our users. First I am giving summary of the procedure: The process is starts from application with some other documents attached with application after passing Eye test you have been given with temporary licence so that trainee will be able to drive car on the road, after that attend driving classes, with theory test and road test if you pass you get the licence if not you have to attend the classes gain and again complete the road test.

Procedure to get Driving Licence in Saudi Arabia


1. Application and Criteria:

First be ready to Pay some more than 4000 Dirhams which is cost of exam  test, drving classes fee, driving licence fee etc also those who fail tests or exam have to pay again so it is good to pass the driving test in first attempt. Document Required with Application: Manage all the necessary documents before going to driving school. The list of those document is below:

1. Application form which you get from driving school

2. Passport (original+copy) with residence visa

3. NOC certificate from eployer

4. 8 passport size photographs

Criteria:  The minimum age limit is 18 years(If you are in between 18 to 21 years you i’ll be given with probationary licence) Eye test Pass from certified optician.

2. Going to Driving School:

Here is the list of Driving Schools I find on Gulfnews call any of them and confirm any near branch which is in your convience. Al Ahli Driving School 04-3411500 Belhasa Driving School 04-3243535 Dubai Driving Center 04-3455855 Emirates Driving Institute 04-2631100 Galadari Driving School 04-2676166

You have to take driving classes before going further to apply for theory and road test.

These are steps applicant have to complete in driving school:

Step1: Visit Near authorized driving school and with all of above documents if you already pass eye test than give them report or just complete your eye test in driving school which may charge you a fee of 100 Dhs.

Step2: Now give the all of document at driving school counter so that they complete all the paperwork such as applying application to RTA after that you will get your temporary licence or learner licence.

Step3: First they took your parking test with garage test which may cost applicant fee of 250 to 300 dhs.

Step4: Once you pass above internal test you will be able to apply for Driving Theory test and Practical Driving test which is Road test.

Step5: Theory Tests

Theory Test

Now the first stage of your driving licence is passing theory test the main aim behind this test is to check literacy of driving and traffic laws. Passing this test is mandatory and applicant have to collect his temporary licence, driving file, 2 photos this test may charge you fee of 200dhs.

Theory Test Pattern and Procedure:

Pattern of consists of total 35 questions with 30 minutes to complete whole test. There are two parts of theory test in first part consists of 17 question which were about traffic conditions. You need to answer correct 11 questions.

Second part consist of 18 question about your specific driving licence such as heavy, light vehicles.  You need to answer correct 12 questions

Step6: Road test

Road Test(Practical Driving Test)

Once you passed the theory Test you will be given with the date of Road test from which your Practical driving skills will be checked. Take driving licence complete file, temporary licence, also if your are a expat must take passport with yourself. Here you need to fill application form for road test which charge you a fee of 200 dirham after that Driving inspector call your name and  take you with other groups of applicants to Car or Vehicle in which your test will be taken.

Now they inspector will check your driving skills and behavior while driving sometimes RTA inspector examine you and force you to take actions against traffic laws but you have to complete test according to those things learned at driving school.

In case anyone failed to complete Road test the person have to again go through 7 classes at driving school and again complete the road test.

For those who passed the road test successfully can be given with approval paper from inspector which you have to submit at pass counter along with other requirements and fee of 100 Dirham. Submit test file at control counter. After that go to Photography counter where your photographs will be taken. Now your photo along with other document is submitted to computer and after few hours your licence will be ready to collect.

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